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The Femme Fatales

The Femme Fatales, from Nanaimo, British Columbia, are a high-energy, versatile, ALL female dance band that is taking hold of Vancouver Island’s music scene. With strong vocals, thick harmonies, tight instrumentation, and captivating stage presence, this four piece band is armed with some of the most talented women of the west coast music scene. Consisting of band leader, drummer and lead vocalist, Jona Kristinsson (Iris, Wunderbread), lead vocalist and keyboardist Sydney Needham (Southwick, Five Note Funk), guitarist and vocalist Kaylie Russell ( The Distributors), bassist and vocalist Maddy Thomas, The Femme Fatales consistently put on a hard-hitting, memorable show that people go home and tell their friends about. With such a wide range of musical talent and a huge list of influential musicians and genres, the music put forth by The Femme Fatales is nothing less than unique. From creative medleys and mash ups, to funky bass lines and stacked vocal harmonies in their original material, there is something for everyone. Whether playing for a small corporate event, a packed club crowd, or a festival, The Femme Fatales have the repertoire to cater to any audience. With talented musicians, and an all female presence, The Femme Fatales will put on a show that you’re sure to remember.