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Sweet Tooth Burlesque - Glitter Ramp Project

Burlesque! Beverage n Burger! Silent Auction! Live Art Auction! Peep Shows! LoveWinx and Younique Fundraisers!
And more!!!!

This year STBR has worked to bring awareness to visible and hidden disabilities within our troupe and how we can self advocate to achieve the self care we need and be the best perfromance artists possible beyond our individual daily struggles. It's been really empowering to see each other and be able to ask and offer eachother supports in creating art while advocating the self care we actually need!

It's truely empowering how we can channel the energy we need to help ourselves into ideas and projects to help our community and ultimately feel less alone in our struggles! Yay for empowerment!!!

That said we do have an ask of all of you as this reality has inspired us to do a fundraiser to raise funds for the physical disability needs to better support of troupe members or even guest performers that have a need that holds them back from being able to "perform" or participate in at our events!
This is the "Glitter Ramp" Project seed.. defined as the accessibility ramp to your individual needs to be authentically you!

The trunk of this project is going to be an actual "The Glitter Ramp Project" which will be a removable ramp that we can use to support spot light (stage) access at our events! And the branches of the tree will include things like prosthetic attachments for props! Glitter covered walking canes! Sound blocking headphones! Specialized footwear! Any Adaptations for props, shows, traveling, etc that makes it seem like your visable of hidden disability is inconvenient to is have an ask for! We will have a fund to help accomadate that NEED!

Our Beverage n Burger Fundraiser event/show is booked for Thursday August 16th at The Queen's!

We will be looking for support in various ways! Performance, Silent Auction, promotion, ticket sales, your attendance! All the things! We will also have a go fund me type component.. basically everything involved in doing this can use your help and support! So please let me know if your available to take on a leadership role or participate in any way!

Thank you for hearing my journey, and whether your inspired to help yourself or others in some way! (Or get on board with "The Glitter Ramp Project") I am blessed to be able to plant this seed and watch it grow!

Earlier Event: August 15
Later Event: August 17
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